Welcome to MyLight.Website, my name is Kev Quirk and I wrote this entire website by hand to prove that you can still have a good looking, functional website that is quick and light too.

This webpage is less than 100KB in size and it contains only a single line JavaScript!

This site doesn't include any Google call outs either - all fonts are served direct from the web server. So if you're a privacy person, like me, there ain't no Google here! This site also scores straight 100s for performance, accessibility, best practices & SEO on Google's Lighthouse test.

Once I decided I was going to build this website, I thought it would be a good idea to write a series on my blog about how to build a website just like this one, from scratch.

If you want to start working through my Making A Website series, use the Start Here link in the menu bar above. The series is integrated into this website and is designed to be a supplement to the posts on my blog (links available on the downloads page). You will start with an extremely simple website, and end with a site that looks just like this.

All work on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0, which provides the following freedoms if you wish to use any of this content:

Example Attribution

An acceptable attribution license would be something similar to the following:

Credit to Kev Quirk for the original work.

With the plain text HTML looking like the following:

Credit to <a href="https://kevq.uk">Kev Quirk</a> for the original work.